All our caravans are sold with a current Self Containment certificate. Our staff are both Approved Self-Containment Officers.

A Self Containment Certificate is valid for 4 years.


What is Certified Self Containment

Certified Self Containment is maintaining and certifying your motor caravan in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for Self Containment of Motor Caravans or Caravans NZS 5465:2001.

The NZMCA encourages all motor home and caravan owners to make their vehicles self contained and help protect the environment and public health form from indiscriminate waste disposal.


Why should I certify my caravan?

There has been a lot of media coverage towards the self-containment of caravan wastes and the requirements for this in a number of New Zealand camp sites and Freedom Camping spots.

A self-containment certificate provides local authorities and communities with a visible way of recognising a vehicle has meet the requirements and is of minimal risk to our environment.

A self containment vehicle is designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants (including water for drinking and cooking) for a minimum for three days without requiring any external services or discharging any waste.

Wastewater is collected in holding tanks then disposed of via a dump station. Dump stations are connected to reticulated sewerage or septic tank system, therefore the treatments used in the wastewater must be approved toilet chemicals or treatments that do not affect the operation of these systems.

The standard requires sanitary and safe installation of the following:

  • Fresh water supply: 4L per person per day for 3 days (ie. Minimum 3L net holding tank capacity per person)
  • A sink
  • Toilet: 1L per person per day for 3 days (ie. Minimum 3L net holding tank capacity per person)
  • Holding tank: 4L per person per day for 3 days (ie. Minimum 12L per person) and monitored if capacity is less than the freshwater tank.
  • An evacuation hoses
  • A sealable refuse container (with lid).

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